Protecting Rights Through Immutable Records

70% of the people in the world have a tenuous title to their land, a fragile piece of paper mentioning the ownership. This is the number one issue in the world in terms of economic mobility, more important than having a bank account. I have been visiting Lahore Development Authority lately to get a land record my Grandfather bought in 1963 and what I experienced in going through the procedure

1) Poor management of files stack and paper crap

2) Took 3 days to locate the land file from record room full of mess

3) Records are manual, complete confusion in verifying documents

4) No transparent procedure to escalate the case forward

5) Proof of sale deeds and divisions are worthless old papers

6) Everything in the hands of LDA, employees can damage or tamper data

and a few more points…

Further, talking about operations and executions, there is a lot more to add up on corruption, bribery, lawlessness, incompetence, and lack of professionalism, which is a separate debate and itself makes the experience a lot worse but that’s not my point here. I am talking about the insecurity of most sensitive land records data worth billions of rupees, the prime wealth of people.

How can we improve? How can we make land titles/records immutable? How can we democratize the stored data? How can we time-stamp the files? How can we bring transparency and ease of accessibility? How can we remove these authorities and intermediaries? How can people take the control of their wealth?

These are serious questions to solve if we don’t want our children to face what we are going through today.

By far the solution is Blockchain. Must be used for “Protecting Rights Through Immutable Records”.

We can create, store, execute and manage all the important and sensitive data. I believe we can bring “Trust Protocol” to our social-economic system by introducing Blockchain Technology. Today, companies are working with governments to put land titles on blockchain and once its there, it is immutable, you can’t hack it, you can’t change it. This creates the conditions of prosperity for potentially billions of people.

To all my Blockchain Expert friends, connect me if you are working on a relevant project, bring up the use case. I am in talking terms with the government for introducing Blockchain into various sectors. Hoping for the best.

Posted on August 16, 2018 in Journal

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