Health Buddy

Project Description

Health Buddy is associated with one of the most progressive farmers in Pakistan, the most prestigious amongst them is Mr. Bilal Tauseef who is also the managing director of Health Buddy. Mr. Bilal has always been an innovative farmer and has an experience of over 16 years in agriculture. He has been known to introduce most of the palm trees varieties in the industry of Pakistan and has always been keen about introducing innovative ways into the vegetables farming industry. Based on large trials from 1999 he has established every kind of greenhouse to ensure which kind of structure would be required to gain maximum efficiency for growing highest grade vegetables under protected environment. Hence, from bamboo made structures to steel made high tunnels and now he is successfully working on completely environmental controlled hydroponics greenhouses, making sure the vegetables get the best environment to grow the premium quality produce. Just like humans plants need to breath and prosper and so they require the perfect climate and clean water where the nature has intended them to grow. After years and years of research and getting advice from the industrial best international consultants, Mr. Bilal has finally gotten on the path to give Pakistan the best of the best vegetables and fruits year round without needing to import from other countries for he deserves our salutations on his efforts.

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