Facebook CEO saw Net Worth drop by $5 Billion

The day, we never thought we’ll see very soon

The day, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO & Founder, saw a drop of $5 Billion in his net worth.

Facebook stock price dropped by 8%, the worst 1-day fall of $15 in last 2 trading sessions, from $185 to $170, since Sep 2012. On Feb 1, 2018, stock price marked a new lifetime high of $193 approx, keeping the strong bullish momentum intact. This decline is for some few interesting reasons to look upon. This sharp fall may indicate the start of a bearish rundown of Facebook Net Worth.

Quick Facts

1) US Home Intelligence Committee, released findings in Nov 2017, about the impact of pro-Russian activists led-campaigns and targetting communities within the US to favor Trump in elections 2016.(Ads Content & Design playing with the psychology of voters, is another very interesting chapter, will be shared later)

2) The debate within Wall Street and US Departments, is Facebook a news agency or tech company? (News agencies own news and sources, tech companies don’t)

3) Facebook admitted giving access to Cambridge Analytica for harvesting 50 Million users data

4) Harvesting of 50 Million users data by Cambridge Analytica, without user’s consent, which Facebook said, they passed it through Russian-American researcher, who promised to use data for academic purposes only

5) The user data of 50 Million Accounts, was used to create targeted advertising campaigns in the US presidential elections in 2016

6) The reports raising criminal and security concerns of Facebook, as representatives many times under the oath, rejected the fact of giving data access to Cambridge Analytica. British and European politicians are opening up the debate to bring new regulations and policies against the social-giant

7) Mark sold 10,000+ stocks on Friday, March 16, 2018, before the closure of trading week and saved millions of dollars, Mark, has sold about $900 Million worth of Facebook stocks in 2018 already

8) On Jan 31, 2018, one of the Facebook core statistics was released, mentioning the time spent on Facebook was 50 Million hours down per day, the time upon which Facebook builds its revenue.

What’s next?

This political-financial controversy of Facebook is forging social-market in new shape and opportunities. News Feed will shrink and become more precise. Authentic sources and piracy protection will lead in. Bids will get higher with less reach. Many interesting things to be seen next.

Other networks are transforming fast and getting better, LinkedIn, Twitter, has started their all-new networking and advertising mechanisms. We wish to see more opportunities coming our way. The present time itself in due course, shaping the future into new learnings.

All the best

Posted on March 20, 2018 in News

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